How it works

Aica Health is an easy to use interface that helps your loved ones with better health. All you need is a Quick QR Code Scan! Just say Hi and you are good to use Aica Health.

You can also renew your subscription directly from us if you have changed your doctor or hospital but still love Aica Health

Step 1

QR Code Scan

Step 2

Check if you have "A Valid Promo Code"

Step 3

If you are a user paid for by your Dr, Hospital, Insurer or Employer, you can use Aica Health for free

Step 4

No Promo Code? No worries just pay and start to use Aica Health

Step 5

We start by asking you a few questions and respond on the basis of the information shared.

Step 6

Enjoy the Aica Health experience as we help you and your loved ones manage their health better !